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About Us

Allelife, a true consulting and best practices implementation firm, combines technology, workforce and innovation to deliver work in a way that transforms 360 degree aspects of the business.

We do this because as we believe strategic talent acquisition creates a real competitive advantage for the business, supports the objectives of talent leaders, hiring managers and recruiting professionals, and can lead to highly engaged employees and high-performing cultures.

Talent Strategy & Plan

We’ll help you to develop the talent strategy and plan to support your corporate and business strategy and set a solid foundation for talent attraction and engagement.

Talent Acquisition Accelerator Service

Want to quickly establish a brand new, strategic and structured talent acquisition program so you can expand past the initial wave of employees?

Research & Data Analysis

We help you to collect and understand data and draw actionable insights so you can attract top talent, keep highly engaged employees, and build up high-performing cultures.

Targeted Job Promotion

We surface your job to candidates with the right skills – both in emails and across JOBMQ.

Networking with Recruiters and Connecting with world class advisors.

Allelife consulting makes it easy for an individual or an organization to connect with many recruitment agencies all at once and makes it easy for them to contact you.

To provide you comprehensive career management or talent aquistion strategy support, Allelife offers a variety of tools and resources – including career guidance, expert insights, Job promotion and job opportunities – that aid you in achieving your objectives.

Allelife is specifically tailored to guide you through the executive career journey. Whether you’re an executive in Delhi, Dubai or Dublin, we strive to provide you with the tools you need to meet your goals.

Aligning talent strategy with business strategy is a cornerstone of building up a strategic talent acquisition function for the business. Allelife understands this and brings a unique combination of deep domain expertise and core consulting capabilities to address your biggest challenges all across the talent acquisition landscape.



Serving the community a better open channel to extinct their potential. Job Message Queue deliver the service of Job Messages between the Job Seeker and Job Provider.
So, how are we different?

Solutions - made just for the C-Suite.0%

VISIBILITY to the recruiters that matter.0%

PRIVACY and confidentiality at all times.0%

ASSURANCE and peace of mind.0%

BRAND Refinements & Content Marketing0%

RECRUITING & sourcing specialist0%

Go from talent acquisition ‘as usual’ to ‘as it should be’.

From strategic consulting services to implementation and training, Allelife acts as a trusted business partner to support transformation for companies big and small. We help our clients stand out with a strong employer brand, attract more people who fit, improve engagement and experiences, and deliver high-performing cultures

Strategic Consulting

We help you align talent strategy with business goals, seize opportunities for improving talent acquisition, and define roadmaps to get you there.

Data & Analytics

We help you understand candidates and employees by collecting, organizing and optimizing data into insights you can use to drive long-lasting value.

Talent Technology

We help you choose, implement and maintain talent acquisition technology platforms and tools to stay current with ever-changing environments.

Agency Services

We combine technology and real people with hard-hitting marketing, scalable support programs, and flexible services to serve in-house teams.

Dynamic Recruitment Consulting Services

Recruitment Services
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Join now and become a business partner.

Post the job message and leverage the benefit of  social pate form through JOBMQ.  Get the require candidate application on posted Job and plan & schedule the interview.  In case you need any further assistant by consultant then please contact at contact@jobmq.com.

Accelerate your JOB Search.

Register your details with JOBMQ and be connected with multiple recruitment consultants.Find your next JOB from our promotional jobs from JOB Message Queue list.

How We Help You:

INDIVIDUAL: Gain Intel from our consultants of your targeted region and marketplace & develop a career strategy that works for where you want to be.

BUSINESS: We transform how companies plan their future workforce with help of our recruitment experts and researchers, marketers and strategists, technologists and data scientists – to improve the way talent acquisition work gets done.


Job Search

Map a plan with intel and advice from pros who have been there before. Learn where opportunities lie and tactics to make yourself stand out.

Executive Search

Executive Search

Navigate the how-to’s of executive search. Discover search firms you should know and learn what recruiters are looking for in the marketplace.

Career Mapping

Career Mapping

Hone in on what matters to you. Develop a strategy to bring your vision to reality with expert support. Be prepared no matter what appears on the path ahead.


We make it easy for you to connect with many recruitment agencies and organizations all at once and makes it easy for them to contact you for possible Job opportunities.

Networking with Recruiters

Find out who you should be talking to and how to build relationships with them.

Advancing with tools to keep you on track.

We’ve got you covered with what you need to move on to your next role.

Accessing relevant career intelligence.

It’s different in the C-Suite. Learn what you need to know to stay ahead of the curve.

Connecting with world class advisors.

Like trainers and financial planners, we have experts on hand in case you need advance support.

Let’s Get In Touch

We are morden workforce and our offices are where our computers are: at our office, a co-working space, a coffee shop, in an airport or on a train. We use morden collaborate software like Skype, Team, GoToMeeting and WhatsApp to communicate more effectively with our colleagues around the world in real time.
We’re quite social, so you can always find us on Linkedin or Twitter or Facebook channels.

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Write US Now.

Strategically-minded, objective, and experienced partner ready to help tackle and accelerate progress.


Allelife helps the busy talent leader or CEO looking for an effective partner to jump in and provide the fresh viewpoints and momentum to help innovate all across the talent acquisition and recruitment ecosystem.

To discuss your challenge, reach out through our confidential form and a member of our team will contact you.

Reach out and we’ll arrange a free 30-minute chat. No-obligation and no hidden fees.

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